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At the top of each page is a menu bar that looks like this after you log in:

CW 3.1.2 Menu bar - logged in plain.jpg

The links and icons in the menu bar, (from left to right) are:

Timebank Name / house icon

Click on the "name of the timebank" or on the house icon to go to the Home Page.

Give & Receive / clock icon

Click on the Give & Receive or on the clock icon to view a drop-down menu with these options:

Offers / leaf icon

  • Click on Offers to see a list of all offers of services posted by members.

Requests / pointing finger icon

  • Click on Requests to see a list of all requests for posted by members.

Your picture or your name

  • Click on your picture or your name to see the drop-down list. in the drop-down list:
    • Click on My profile to view your profile.
    • Click on My service ads to see a list of all of your current and expired service ads (offers and requests).
    • Click on My exchanges to see a list of all of your recorded exchanges and the statistics of your exchanges.

If the payment feature has been enabled by your coordinator you will also be able to:

    • Click on [[

Thought Bubble Icon

  • Click on the "thought bubble icon" to go to the messages page, where you can read and write messages to timebank members

Person's silhouette icon

  • This icon is only visible if you have been assigned to manage one or more member's account.
  • Click on the silhouette of person to see the member accounts that you are assigned to manage.
  • If you are a Guardian Angel then the all the accounts that you are a Guardian Angel for will be listed here.
  • If you manage one or more organizational accounts, then they will be listed here.

Envelope Icon

  • Click on the "Envelope" icon to write a message to a coordinator at your time bank.

Question Mark

  • Click on the "?" for help page for the current page you are using.

Sign Out Icon

  • Click on the "Sign out icon" on the far right of the menu bar to to log out.

Status Bar

The status bar shares messages with you, if there are any, about the status of your account or the status of the timebank site. The Status Bar is located directly under the menu bar, if there are any status messages for you.

Coordinator Menu

  • Coordinators' menu bar has additional icons

the plus sign to create content and the gear for reports and site configuration.