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How to maintain your Timebank's entry in the Directory of Timebanks

TimeBanks USA maintains a Directory of Timebanks.

Each timebank's Community Weaver Licensee is responsible for their timebank's entry in the Directory of Timebanks. To update your timebank's directorey information, a Community Weaver Licensee can log into your Action Hub account and check and update your Timebank's information.

  1. Go to: http://actionhub.timebanks.org
  2. Login to your personal ActionHub account with your username or email and password
  3. Click on the tab “My Account” to view your profile.
  4. On the lower right side of the page you will see “Manage My Timebanks”
  5. Click on the “Edit” button next to your Timebank's name.
  6. Check to be sure that your Timebank's information is correct. See the sections listed below. Check for accuracy and edit or fill out the entries for your Timebank.
  7. Save

Items that you can edit:

Timebank Focus Area

  • choose a focus

Section Organization Information

  • 501c3 – choose Yes or No
  • Sponsoring agency (if existing)

Section “Location”

  • Check or fill out the correct street address (not only POBox), city, state, postal code, and country.
  • Put the physical street address in the first street field. This information is used to set your location on the directory map and therefore is is necessary to have a real street name in the first line of the address.
  • Enter the full name for the state (not an abbreviation) to activate the pinpoint on the map).
  • If you are registering from a country outside of Canada or USA, you may leave the “State/Province” field empty.
  • Enter your Timebank's telephone number.

Section Web Site Elements

  • Custom Domain Name (If you also use your own web site for your Timebank and want to inform others about it.)

Section Your public notes for the Directory of TimeBanks

  • Enter any notes. (The notes are public, visible to everyone.)

Go to the bottom of the page and either “preview” and then “save” or just “save”

Check to see if your Timebank now appears on the directory map at http://community.timebanks.org

Note: Your Timebank will appear with a pinpoint on the map as soon as the location information is entered. To be able to view the pinpoints of Timebanks that are located very near each other you will need to enlarge the scale of the map.


  • You can view but not edit your timebank's current status.
  • In the Directory of Timebanks the name of your timebank, your mission statement, your logo and the number of active users will be copied from your actual Community Weaver site. If you want to change them, please make the changes in your Community Weaver site. Once every 24 hours the Directory of Timebanks will be updated with the information from your timebank.

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