TimeBank Name Change

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There are three places where your timebank's name is recorded.

  1. The name as used by community Weaver of your home page (in the upper right corner)
  2. The name used in the TBUSA directory of timebanks
  3. The sub-domain (aka shortname)& used in your timebank's web address (aka URL)

See the details below:

1. Change the timebank's name in your Community Weaver

Your timebank's name as seen in Community Weaver can be changed by the Admin Coordinator.

  1. Go the the Gear icon/Configure/General/Identity (Tab)
  2. in the field "Site Name" change the name of your timebank
  3. Save the changes

This will change the name shown on the top left of your timebank's menu bar. It will not change your sub-domain name -- aka "Shortname".

2. Change the timebank's name in the Directory of TimeBanks

The Representative from your TimeBank to TBUSA (the person who signed the License Agreement for Community Weaver, aka Licensee) can change the name of your timebank in the directory of timebanks at: community.timebanks.org

  1. The Representative must log into their account in http://actionhub.timebanks.org/
  2. Go to "My Account" in the menu
  3. Go to "Manage My Timebanks" (lower left corner of the page)
  4. Click on "Edit" next to the name of the timebank
  5. In the field "Timebank Name" enter the new name
  6. Click on "Save" (at the bottom of the page)

This will change the name shown in the online directory. It will not change your sub-domain name -- aka "Shortname".

3. Change your timebank's sub-domain name -- aka "Shortname"

Coordinators cannot change their TimeBanks shortname. It is not a simple change. Changing your timebank's sub-domain or "Shortname" means that your timebank will have a new web address (aka URL). Please note that changing your web address or URL is disruptive to your web presence. It also means that:

  • Members will need to change the web address in their bookmarks for your timebank web site
  • Any links that are used to connect from other web sites to your timebank site will need to be changed
  • Search engines will no longer know where to find your timebank, until their search tools discover your new web address

Request a "Shortname" (aka sub-domain) change

If you do want to change your "Shortname", pleas write to TimeBanks USA. The fee for the url change is $25.00.

  • Send $25 via paypal.com directly to TimeBanks USA's PayPal account at the email address: admin@timebanks.org and indicate your current timebank web address (URL) and the new sub-domain (aka short name) that you are requesting.

After the "Shortname" (aka sub-domain) is changed, for a limited time of about three months, the old URL (web address) will redirect to the new URL (web address).