TimeBank Email Fields

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These email fields are available in every TimeBank email sent, and represent TimeBank settings such as name, email address, etc.

Text in Email Description Examples
{site_name} The name of your timebank. Example TimeBank

Media TimeBank

{site_mail} The E-mail address for your TimeBank. TIP: Any email sent to this address will be forwarded to all of your timebank's coordinators. example@community.timebanks.org
{email_return_path} E-mail address to receive bounces and other mail sending errors. bounce-1ab1f2ab01@community.timebanks.org
{emails_subject_prefix} Email prefix without brackets. If not set, same as {site_name} Example TimeBank

TOPS Email

{subject} Email subject of this email, excluding prefix Your membership was approved!

Updates from TOPS for John

{site_postal_address} The site postal address configured in TimeBank General Settings P.O. Box 1234, City, State

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