TimeBank Design Settings

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You can change the default design configuration for your timebank. In the menu bar go to GEAR Icon/Configure/Design


In the "Font" drop down box choose a font. A sample of this font will be shown in the "Font Sample Text" box.

Hover the mouse to the right of the "Site Logo" and you will be offered the possibilities of

  • dragging and dropping an image into that box or, alternatively,
  • you can click in the box and browse through your computer files to upload an image file.


  • Click on the color bar and move the circles to choose the hue and intensity of the color, or
  • Enter a hexadecimal number for the desired color.
  • Click on "Default Color" to return to the default.

The color design fields that can be configured are:

  • Primary Site Color
  • Secondary Site Color
  • Main Text Color
  • Main Background Color
  • Toolbar Background Color
  • Toolbar Text Color
  • Side Navigation Text Color
  • Side Navigation Background Color