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For Coordinators:

Tags - a quick summary

  • Tags are a way for a coordinator to mark (tag) a member account for use in filtering/reporting members data.
  • Tags are a list of terms created and assigned by a coordinator.
  • One or more tags can be assigned to each member account by a coordinator.
  • See a list of Ideas for Using Tags
  • Tags are used by coordinators, not members.
  • Coordinators can filter the list members to create a reports (list of members) that have been assigned (or have not been assigned) a certain tag.
  • Using the tags, coordinators can also filter the list of recorded exchanges based upon the tags assigned to the members who participated in the exchange
  • Tags cannot be used with:
    • service ads (offers or requests)
    • Timebankers' Talents

NOTE: It is generally not a good idea to use tags for an attribute that already exists in CW. For example member accounts already have the attributes

  • organization
  • individual
  • member
  • account enabled
  • account disabled
  • and many more

If you duplicate existing attributes by using tags, It is possible to create confusion, especially since the tags are not automatically assigned (or unassigned) when member account attributes change.

Viewing Tags

  • Each member can see the tags assigned to his/her account.
  • Members cannot see other member's tags.
  • Coordinators can see every member's tags.

Assign tags to a member account

Only Admin Coordinators and Member Coordinators can assign or remove a member's tag.

  1. go to a members profile
  2. in the connections section, use "Edit Connections"
  3. assign tags or remove tags from a member's account

Create Edit, Delete Tags

Only Admin Coordinators can:

  • create new tags,
  • edit the name of existing tags,
  • delete tags,
  • move tagged member accounts to a new tag.

See the details in the Manage Lists section.

Filtering for Tags


Bulk Assign Tags

Only Admin Coordinators can use the bulk "Modify Tags" to assign or remove multiple tags for multiple members' accounts.

  1. Go to the member's list
  2. Filter for the members for which you want to modify their tags.
  3. Use the select and/or sticky select to select the members for the tag modification
  4. Choose the member action "Modify tags"
  5. Confirm the selection description
  6. Use the plus or minus buttons to the right of the tag names assign tags (+) or to remove tags (-) from the selected member accounts.
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the list to confirm the bulk modify tag actions. NOTE: Be very careful. It is possible to make modifications (assignments and removals) that cannot be undone.
  8. Click "Update tags"

Ideas for Using Tags

Tags can be created for many purposes. Below are some examples. Tags can be used for:

  • member attributes that are not yet used the timebanker's profile (e.g. college student, legislator, city council member)
  • members who have donated funds to the timebank, e.g.
    • donor
    • annual donor
    • monthly donor
    • large donor (>? $500)
  • outreach activity that brought introduced this member to timebanking, e.g.
    • annual membership drive
    • exchange fair
  • member badges, e.g.
    • member has more then 25 active offers or requests
    • member exchanged with 100 other timebank members
    • member with most exchanges during the past month
  • member participated in an event, e.g.
    • member participated in an annual meeting
    • member participated in an orientation
    • member participated in a potluck
  • member is an organizer for a project, e.g.
    • member is team member organizing the weatherization project
    • member is organizer for the many hands project
  • member is part of a specific project, e.g.
    • member is participating in the local agriculture project
    • member is participating in the mask making project
  • staff have finished steps in the membership process for this member, e.g.
    • references checked by staff
    • background checks completed by staff
  • members who have a certain role, e.g.
    • member is a board member
    • member is a committee member
    • member is the treasurer
  • and many more