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The subscription payments special page is a page whose purpose is to inform members how to pay their subscription or donation to your TimeBank.

In Community Weaver 3.1, we have added management tools for tracking and recording payments for members, however, the first release does not have the ability to collect money on behalf of your TimeBank. Therefore you need to give instructions to your members on how to pay the timebank.

Typically, your instructions will include:

  • The timebank's subscription and/or donation policies or requirements.
  • A name to make checks payable to, and an address to mail subscription payments and donations
  • A link to a third-party payment processing site, for example PayPal
  • The timebank's policy for payments in timebank hours or using in-kind payments.
  • Any other instructions or information which may be useful to members regarding payment of their subscription or donation

The contents of this page are blank initially. Coordinators should create content for this page prior to activating subscriptions.

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