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Right below the Menu Bar Community Weaver will sometimes present you with a messages in the "Status Bar". The status bar will only be visible when there are status messages relevant to your account or to your timebank site. The messages in the status bar refer to the account of the person currently signed in to Community Weaver.

Status messages about your account

  • If your Profile Status is not complete, you will see the message "Please update your membership *(xx% complete)". If the percentage is less than 100%, there will be a comment "What's left?". Click on "What's left?" to go to your Profile Status page to complete your profile information.
  • If your timebank has activated the payment feature and if your payment is overdue, you will see a message that your membership was due x number of months ago. Click on that message to see the subscription information for your timebank.

Status messages about your timebank

  • If, for some reason the sending of email is turned off for your site, in the "Status Bar" it will state "Email delivery diverted" For example, see the Status Bar in the Demonstration site (
  • If the site is offline, in the "Status Bar" it will state "Offline"

Status messages for Coordinators

  • If you have become another member, you will see a message in the Status Bar "Acting as <name of member>" "Return to <name of member".
  • To return to your coordinator account, click on the message "Return to <name of member>".

NOTE: If you are a coordinator and use "become" another member, you are acting as that other member which which means that the "Status Bar" refers to the account of the member you became, not your own account.