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Computer, Tablets, and Phones

Big screens are usually better than small screens, but Community Weaver's Responsive Interface allows you to use a screen of almost any size. A computer has a large screen, so up to five columns of Community Weaver can be displayed at once. A tablet's screen is smaller, so fewer columns can be displayed. Most phones allow just one column to be displayed.

One Column

If the screen shows just one column, an icon of three stacked lines will be visible in the upper right corner of the screen next to the timebank name. Click this "hamburger" icon and it will show a menu with all the navigation elements of the Menu Bar and Sidebar that would be visible on a larger screen. Below that menu are the other columns stacked vertically.

A One-Click Icon

Wouldn't it be nice to have an icon on the home screen of your phone or tablet that would take you to Community Weaver with one tap? Here's how to add such an icon:

  1. Log into Community Weaver from your phone or tablet. Tip: Logging in is important because it changes your web browser's "hamburger" menu.
  2. Follow the instructions here for Safari on iPhone.
  3. Follow the instructions here for Chrome on Android.
  4. Follow the instructions here for Firefox on Android.

Long Press and Hover

On a computer you can often hover the mouse over an icon to learn additional information. A touch device (phone or tablet) has no mouse, however some devices have a way to show that information--press and hold the icon.