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Any member can post an ad that requests a service or offers a service. You can view lists of offers and requests--both yours and ads that other members have posted. Initially the ads are in order by date, with the most recent ones first. You can change the order of a list, search for keywords in ads, or see a specific group of ads using filters.


The filters enable you to be selective. Click the filters icon and it will show drop-down lists to select members by their Choose search criteria in one or more filters to

  • create a list of offers and/or requests
  • from members in all or any one city
  • from members in all or any one county
  • from members in all or any one neighborhood
  • from members with any or any specific affiliation
  • from members in all or in any one Community Timebank

Choose to see:

  • Everyone's ads
  • My ads
  • My expired ads
  • Not my ads (all ads from other members)

In the filter search field enter any part part of a member's name, service ad title, words in the body of the service ad.

Note: When you choose a filter criteria, Community weaver will immediately activate that criteria and show the results. When you type something into the filter search field, you must first click on the magnifying glass icon or hit 'Enter" to activate the search field criteria.

You can choose any combination of these criteria. The results will fit all the criteria you have chosen. If you receive the message "Showing none" or "Try being less specific." then none of the service ads fit the criteria that you have chosen. Try choosing less specific criteria.

From Here

You can use buttons at the top of the page to post an offer, request a service, or navigate to Offers or Requests by category.

Click the title of the ad to view its details. From the detail page you can:

  • Create an exchange for the ad
  • Send a message or email to the member who posted the ad
  • View the member's profile

Navigating Here

To get here, click Offers or Requests in the Menu Bar