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Community Weaver 3 was written for mobile devices and supports what is called a Responsive Interface - this means that when you visit the web site using a small screen (such as a phone) - the page will rearrange itself to make it easier to navigate. Similarly, if you are on a tablet (iPad, Kindle, Android tablet, or Windows Tablet), the interface will expand to work within the larger screen. And when you use it on an even larger computer screen, it will again rearrange itself to fit that larger screen.

For example:

Phone interface

In the phone interface, the menu bar is compacted down to a drop-down menu, the logo appears smaller, and content is shown in a single column, allowing for easy scrolling on a mobile device.

As seen on a mobile phone browser

Web interface

In the web interface, the menu bar is expanded, the logo and site pages are available on the right, and content organizes itself into 3 or 4 columns on the page.

As seen in a regular web browser

Thanks to the folks at Twitter

Community Weaver 3 is built on a technology called Bootstrap, created by Twitter. The code is open source, and is a core part of the Community Weaver 3 software.