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First choose either:

  • the Post an offer button


  • the Post a request button

Compose a Service Ad


  • A short title or subject for the service offered or requested
  • The description of the service offered or requested. You can include a web page link or picture. You can use the editing tools in he edit menu at the top of the description box.

Tip: When editing the body of the service ad, you can expand the description box by dragging its lower right corner down.

  • Add a check mark (in the box) "One-time offer which expires immediately when an exchange is recorded." if the ad should automatically expire when a member records an exchange for it. This is useful when only one member can provide the service, for example a ride to the airport. Note, the function only when the exchange is recorded by clicking on "Record an Exchange" from within a service ads view.

Click on the "Expires" drop-down box to choose:

  • the length to time the service ad will be shown (after which it will expire)
  • immediately (to expire an ad immediately, to make into a "draft" ad that is not in the current service ad list)
  • never
  • on date (which will ask you to enter a date and if needed a time)

Tip: An expired service ad is not deleted, but is saved as expired and can be made active at any time in the future by changing the "Expires" date.

Click on the "+" under "Categories" to choose:

  • at least one (required) and up to three categories under which the ad will be displayed

Add a check mark (in the box) "Specify a different availability than my profile." if you want to share your availability that is different from the one in your profile.

Click on "Save changes" to publish your service ad.