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The payments list shows payments from one or more members in the system. Each row in this list is a payment which has been entered by a coordinator.

Each row contains:

  • Member photo
  • Member name
  • Payment date (upper right corner)
  • Paid amount, subscription amount, donation amount, payment type and reference (as a phrase)
  • If a subscription adds time to a member's subscription, the time added and the current member renewal date is listed
  • Description entered
  • A button to Edit each entry


The payment list contains a filter for individual members, as well as a free form search field which searches:

  • The member first, last, and nick name (or organization name)
  • The member's email address
  • The payment description
  • The payment reference

If you enter multiple words, each word must match displayed records. (So, entering Jones 645 in the search field may match a member named Jones with check number 645.)

A button to Record a payment also appears in the toolbar. If a member is currently selected in the member filter, this button open up the new payment form with the currently selected member already selected.


The payment list can be sorted by:

  • Payment date
  • Total of the payment (federal currency only)
  • Member first name
  • Member full name

To sort the list, simply select a sort order from the drop-down list. Sort order can be reversed by clicking the icon to the right of the sorting drop-down list.

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