Payment Feature Guide

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This guide will assist you in enabling and activating subscriptions for your site.

A brief overview of the Payment Feature describe what this feature can do for your TimeBank.

Configuring and switching on the Payment Feature takes place in two phases.

Phase 1: The Payment Feature is not yet enabled

Phase 2: The Payment Feature has been enabled, but subscriptions are not yet activated

  • Next the Admin Coordinator will need to configure the subscriptions.
  • When everything is configured and prepared, including the email notifications for the members, the special subscription pages you can activate the subscriptions.
  • When you activate the subscriptions, depending on your configurations, the subscription notifications could be sent immediately to all or some of your TimeBank's members.

Phase 3: The subscriptions are activated

After the subscriptions are activated, based upon the subscription method chosen and the renewal date of each member, the automatic payment notifications will be sent to your TimeBank's members.

Your NEXT STEP is to configure the payment feature for your TimeBank. For a step-by-step explanation go to the Payment Feature Configuration of this wiki.