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For use in payment subscription notifications

If the payment feature is activated, all of the fields in the chart are available in these email notifications relating directly to subscriptions:

For use in broadcast emails

For broadcast email, if the payment feature is activated, then these fields are available for use:

  • all of the "subscription_type" fields such as {subscription_type.*}
  • the "subscription_charges" fields, such as {subscription_charge.*}, but ONLY when there's actually a charge on the member's account.


  • If the list of members receiving the broadcast email have a subscription balance unpaid, the "subscription_charge" variables can be always be used with those members.
  • If there is no subscription charge on a member's account then the token, {subscription_charge.*}, will be shown in the broadcast email.
  • If the recipients for the broadcast email includes members with a subscription charge and without a subscription charge, then those without the subscription charge will show the token, {subscription_charge.*} and not a fee charged.
  • Therefore if you send a broadcast email using any of the {subscription_charge.*} tokens, be sure that the recipients all actually have a subscription charge on their account.

Text in Email Description Examples
{subscription_type.code} The internal code name for the subscription type for this member individual


{} The name given to this subscription type by the coordinator. Individual Subscription

Household Subscription

{subscription_type.description} The description given to this subscription type by the coordinator. Wacky TimeBank Individual Subscription

Household and group membership

{subscription_type.cost} The single or range of costs for this subscription type. $29.99

$15.00 - $25.00
$50.00 - $100.00

{subscription_type.price_min} The maximum price of this subscription. $29.99

$15.00 $50.00

{subscription_type.price_max} The maximum price of this subscription. $29.99

$25.00 $100.00

{} The name of the currency associated with this subscription type. hour

US Dollar Canadian Dollar Rand

{subscription_charge.code} The unique subscription charge identifier for this subscription charge. 54-20151021


{subscription_charge.description} The description of the charges on this subscription charge. Individual subscription from 2/4/2015 through 2/4/2016
{subscription_charge.renewal_date} The renewal due date for the member's account, written out. February 4, 2016

August 14, 2016

{subscription_charge.renewal_delta} The renewal date relative to the date and time the email is sent. in 3 months

in 7 days
10 days ago
2 days ago

{subscription_charge.paid} The date that the subscription charge was recorded as being paid (same as {payment.when} or "never" if not paid. February 5, 2016


{subscription_charge.created} The date the subscription charge was created. January 25, 2016

February 14, 2016

{subscription_charge.member} The member responsible for payment of the subscription charge. John Doe

Frank Zappa

Note that the fields below relating to payments (below) are only available in the Subscription renewed email.

Text in Email Description Examples
{payment.reference} The reference recorded with this payment. 5801-42480124


{payment.type} The type of payment Check

Credit Card

{payment.when} Effective date of the payment as recorded in the CW payment record. January 25, 2016
{} Total payment amount $50.00
{payment.description} [1] The description entered when the payment was recorded. Sue asked if her donation could go towards food for the next potluck.
{payment.subscription} Amount of payment applied to the subscription balance. $30.00
{payment.donation} Amount of payment applied as a donation. $20.00
{payment.hours} Number of hours included as part of this payment. 3
{payment.lang_hours} The correctly pluralized term for hours based on the value of {payment.hours} hour


{payment.created} Date the payment was recorded in CW. January 25, 2016
{payment.notified} Date the member was sent an email notification of the payment by CW. March 13, 2016
  1. Available only in Community Weaver version 3.1.4

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