Notification Email Triggers

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This is a list of actions or events that triggers Community Weaver to send a notification email.

This action or event triggers this CW email notification
Ad (offer or request) will expire in 7 days Ad expiration notice
Add a member feature used by coordinator to create a new account Add a member email invitation
Broadcast Emails was sent by a coordinator Broadcast Emails
Contact form used by anyone Message sent by contact form
Email address of member was changed (either by member or by coordinator) Email address validation
Forgotten Password feature used Forgotten password email
Member approved by coordinator Member approved email
Message created by a member Email notifications to message recipients
New member join completed by applying member Member signup email
Notifications & Messages sent to or from GA managed account Guardian Angel emails sent to the Guardian Angel
Site activity since the most recent Coordinator Report email was sent Coordinator report
Site activity since the most recent Member Update email was sent Member Update
Recording an exchange by a member The exchange is announced to coordinators in the Coordinator report
Recording an exchange by a member Exchange created email is sent to partners of this exchange
Subscription has expired (is overdue adn no payment has been recorded in CW Subscription expired email notification
Subscription will expire in X days (as configured in the payment feature under "Expiration notice" Subscription expiring email notification
Payment for a member's subscription entered in CW by a coordinator Subscription renewed email notification

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