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The "Notification Email Frequency" determines how often members receive automatic notification emails from the site.

The "Notification Email Frequency" influences the frequency of email notifications for:

  • "Recent activity" email (for all members)
  • "Coordinator Report" email (only if you are a coordinator)
  • "Guardian Angel" notifications from the accounts that they mentor (for Guardian Angels only)

The "Notification Email Frequency" does NOT influence :

  • Messages (notifications sent to recipients of messages written in CW)
  • Broadcast mail (mails sent to members by coordinators)
  • Ad expiration notifications (sent when an offer or request will soon expire)
  • Recorded exchange notifications (sent when an exchange is recorded for a member)
  • Email verification (sent when an email address is changed in a member's profile)
  • Join notifications (sent to coordinators when a person joins / creates and account in CW)
  • Member approved (sent to a member when their account is approved by a coordinator).

Timebank members can change their "Notification Email Frequency" in their own profile. Go to the section "Communication" and click on "Edit communication."

Members can choose from the following frequencies of delivery:

  • immediately - Messages are sent within a few minutes of an activity occurring on the site
  • hourly - Messages are sent on the hour for any activity on the site in the past hour.
  • daily - Messages are sent once a day for all activity in the past 24 hours.
  • weekly (on Monday or Wednesday or Friday) - Messages are sent once a week and include all new activity in the past week, since the last nitification was sent.

All "recent activity" emails include all new site activity since the last "recent activity" email was sent. So if you were on the "weekly on Wednesday" schedule, and you changed the frequency to "immediate" on Tuesday - you would immediately receive an email which included all new content since the prior Wednesday.