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Your profile contains your information as recorded in Community Weaver. It shows both information about your activity in the timebank as well as information about you. You can edit your personal information in your own profile.

The information is divided into a number of sections. For each section:

  • to expand or collapse a section, click its title
  • use the buttons (in rectangles with sharp corners) to change settings.
  • see information (in "rectangles" with "oval" ends)

Buttons at the top of your profile page

  • Profile status -- Click profile status button to see your profile status page.
  • Exchanges -- Click the "My Exchanges" button to see a list of all of your recorded exchanges and the statistics of your exchanges.
  • Service Ads -- Click the "Service ads" button to see a list of all of your current and expired service ads (offers and requests).
  • Change Password -- Click the "Change password" button to change your password.
  • Edit Identity -- Click the "Edit identity" button to edit your name, nick name or birthday


Click or touch the photo box to import a photo. You drag an image from your desktop or you can upload an image from your computer. To rotate the photo by 90 degrees, click once on the circular rotate photo icon.

Tip: Photos were stored in Community Weaver 2 at a low resolution (130x200 pixels). Photos imported from there look grainy in Community Weaver 3's higher-resolution image space. A profile photo of at least 500x500 pixels will be clearer.

SECTION: Contact Info

"Edit Contact Info"

  • Email address (required)
  • Additional Contact information - You can enter any number of
  • Phone numbers (cell, home, work),
  • Fax number,
  • Alternate emails,
  • Twitter,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Google+, or
  • other web addresses

Contact Privacy When your are editing contact information ("Edit contact info" button in your profile) you can set the visibility for each or your contacts. Your choices are:

  • visible to all members
  • visible only to ccoordinators

"Edit Address"

  • Street Address,
  • County,
  • Neighborhood,
  • Time Zone

SECTION: Communication Preferences

"Edit Communication" preferences

  • Broadcast Email - You can choose to receive or not to receive emails that the timebank coordinators send to all timebank members.
  • Notification Email Frequency - You can choose how often you want to receive notification emails from the time bank.1
  • Interface language - Here you can specify the language you want Community Weaver to use for you.1
  • Spoken Language - Here you can specify the languages you speak.
  • How did you hear about us? - Let us know

SECTION: Living Situation

It is useful to let other members know about you living situation, especially exchanges will take place in your home.

"Edit living situation"

  • Type of home
  • Accessibility of your home
  • People at your home
  • Pets
  • Usual modes of transportation

SECTION: Connections

"Edit Connections"

Choose one of the tabs:


- Members can choose the organizations or groups that they are affiliated with. This is for information only. Members can search for all other members who have chosen a particular affiliation. If you want an organization added to the affiliation list, ask you timebank coordinator to add it.

Communities (Community Timebanks)

If the coordinator has set up Community Timebanks (sub-timebanks within your timebank), you can choose the Community Timebank that you are affiliated with.

SECTION: Availability

Show when you are generally available to do exchanges with other members. Just check the times of day you are generally available or uncheck the times of day you are generally not available. In each offer or request you can choose different availabilities that apply only to that service ad.

SECTION: Privacy Settings

Configure the visibility of your email address and/or street address. You can make them visible to all timebank members or limit the visibility to only the coordinators of the timebank.1 The default is that your information is only visible to other members of your timebank. If the coordinators of your allow it, you could an also set the individual items to be visible to everyone on the Internet.1 Be careful about what contact information you make visible to everyone.

NOTE: Privacy (visibility) settings for telephone numbers and other contact information (web addresses, Facebook, Twitter, etc) are set for each individual contact in the "Contact" section.

SECTION: About me (Biography)

This is the place to tell other members about yourself. Sharing your interests, experiences and thoughts helps to build community and to connect with other members. The more people get to know you, the more likely they are to make exchanges with you. You can include images and web links, so be creative!

  • Click on the "Edit biography" to update your biography.
  • You can include text, images, links to web sites, etc.

SECTION: Recent Messages

  • Click on the "My messages" button to read messages sent to you from other timebank members.
  • Click on the "New message" button to send a new message to another timebank member.

SECTION: Recent exchanges

  • Click on the title "Recent exchanges" to see a list of your recent exchanges.
  • Click on the "My exchanges" button to view all of your recorded exchanges and your exchange statistics
  • Click on the "Record an exchange" button to record a new exchange with another timebank member.

SECTION: Subscription

If your coordinator has enabled the payment feature in Community Weaver, you will see the section "Subscription." This section provides information about your subscription, fees due and payments made. This is part of the payment feature that was implemented in CW 3.1


  • Click on the title "Offers" to see a list of your recent offers and recently expired offers.
  • Click on the "Post offer" button to submit a new offer.
  • Click on "My offers" to view a list of all of your current offers.
  • Click on the "All my expired offers" button to view a list of all of your expired offers.

SECTION: Requests

  • Click on the title "Requests" to see a list of your recent requests and recently expired requests.
  • Click on the "Post request" button to submit a new request.
  • Click on the "My requests" button to view a list of all of your current requests.
  • Click on the "All my expired requests" button to view a list of all of your expired requests.

SECTION: Timebankers' Talents Listings

This is the place to easily list your skills and talents and things you can do for other members;. In Community Weaver 2 this was called Yellow Pages.

  • Click on the title "Timebankers' Talents Listings" to see your current listings in the Timebankers' Talents
  • Click on "Edit listings" to open a list of all categories and then check a box for each activity you'd like to be contacted about. You can also remove check marks to take a category off your listing.

Please note that whenever you create an offer, the category used for that offer will automatically be added to your Timebankers' Talents Listings.

SECTION" Balance

  • Click on the title "Balance" to a graph of your hours spent (given) and earned (received), the number of exchanges / transactions (services provided or received), and the total of number exchanges as well as your balance of hours.
  • Click on the "Record an exchange" button to record a new exchange with another timebank member.
  • Click on the "My exchanges" button to view all of your recorded exchanges and your exchange statistics


If the physical address in your profile is correct and if the geo-location service that we use recognizes the address, The map section will show a map with a pinpoint at your street address.

  • Click on the title "map" to open or close the view of the map.
  • To zoom in or out, use the mouse scroll wheel or click on the "+" or "-" buttons.
  • To move the map, grab it with the left mouse button and move the map.

CW uses an external geo-location service to provide the member's maps. If you change your address in the profile, the map for your address will also be refreshed within a few minutes. Community Weaver refresh all existing addresses once every 3 months.

NOTE: If the address is incomplete, if there is no street address, or if the mapping service cannot identify the address for any other reason, CW will not show a map.

How to open your profile

  • From the Menu Bar at the top of any page, click on your name and then click on "My profile" in the drop-down list.
  • Wherever your name is used in community Weaver pages, click on your name.
  • Wherever another member's name is used in a Community Weaver page, click on their name to go to their profile. Members can only see certain part of other members profile information.

What can other members see in my profile?

If you are a members without a coordinator role, you can look at any other member's profile ans you will see in their profile the items that they can see in your profile. These are your:

  • Primary email (if you have its visibility set to members)
  • Contacts such as telephone, web sites, twitter, Facebook etc. (if you have its visibility set to members)
  • The distance between your location and the other members location.
  • Communication information
  • Living situation
  • Connections (affiliations, community timebanks, list of managed accounts)
  • Availability chart
  • About me (biography)
  • Offers
  • Recently expired offers
  • Requests
  • Recently expires requests
  • Timebankers' Talents Listings
  • Map of your location

If you wish, you can also allow members to see your postal address.


A coordinator can:

  1. Use the Approve button in the applying members profile to approve an "Applying Member".
  2. Use the Unapprove button to undo the membership approval. This button is provided to allow a coordinator to unapprove an account that was ACCIDENTALLY approved. If you want to prevent a member from accessing your timebank it is usually better to use "Disable" instead of Unapprove". Using "Unapprove" will delete the current approval date. Re-approving a member will record the current date as the approval date, unless you choose another approval date. The previous approval date is lost when you unapprove a member. Use with caution. 1
  3. Use the Disable button to disable or deactivate a member's account. The member will no longer be able to log in to your timebank. Disabling an account will not remove any data. Re-enabling the account will give that member full member access.
  4. Use the Become button to act as that member. You will see CW as that member does. NOTE: After becoming a member, use the return button to return to your coordinator role before trying to "become" another CW account.1
  5. If the profile is of a "Person", use the Convert to organization button at the top of the profile page to change a profile from an individual person's account to an organizational account. If the profile is of a "member organization", use the Convert to person button at the top of the profile page to change a profile from an organizational account to an individual's account.
  6. Use the SECTION: Coordinator Settings at the bottom of the profile to:
    1. Change the member's permissions (.e.g. give the member a coordinator role).
    2. Assign a Guardian Angel to the member.