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Community Weaver 3 was written for mobile devices and supports what is called a Responsive Interface - this means that when you visit the web site using a small screen (such as a phone) - the blocks on the page will rearrange itself to make it easier to navigate. Click here to see how it works.

Community Weaver provides a left slider for member menu items (swipe left or click on the stack of triple lines in the upper right corner of the home page. Click on the "house icon" to return to the home page.

Tu log in with a mobile phones and tablets.

  1. Open your Internet web browser on your mobile device
  2. Enter the web address (URL) for your timebank
  3. Enter your login email address
  4. Enter your password

the same way you would on a notebook or desktop computer

'Add an Icon'

To make access easier, you can also add a Community Weaver icon to your mobile device. Choose the instructions to add an icon to your mobile device.

For Coordinators

There is a right side slider that shows the menu items for coordinators.