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Messages can be sent from any member to any other members of the timebank. The messages can be read in CW on the member's message page. A copy of the message is also sent to the recipient(s) of the message via email, unless they react to the message when online in CW.

How do I get to the message page

  • Click the Message icon in the Menu Bar
  • In your own profile, in the section "Recent messages", click on "My messages"
  • Anywhere you see the term "message" in a page (list of members, in a offer or request) clicking on it will start a message to that person.

View your unread messages

The messages page shows, by default, the unread messages sent to you.

Read a message

  • Click on the subject (title) of the message to read the message. If there is a chain of messages and replies, they will also be shown.
  • The message will automatically be marked as "read" 10 seconds after you open it.
  • Click on "Mark as unread" to change the message to "Unead status"
  • Click on "Delete" to mark the message as deleted.

Email Notifications to message recipients

  • Recipients of your message are notified typically within 60 seconds after your message is sent, except if any of your recipients are currently online and using Community Weaver 3.
  • If message recipient is currently online and using Community Weaver 3, and that recipient marks the message as "read", then no notification is sent.
  • If the recipient stops using Community Weaver 3 for more than 10 minutes without marking the message as "read", then a message notification is sent to them normally.
  • The email notification about a message includes the entire message.

Replying to a message

In Community Weaver:

  1. Go to your message page
  2. Click the subject of a message to read the message
  3. From this page you can reply to the message or delete the message.

Via your email:

  1. Replying to the email notification you receive about your new messages will send a reply to the sender of that message (and also all recipients of that message).

NOTE: If you reply via your email, a copy of that message will be sent by email to the sender of the message (and if there were multiple recipients also to all of the other recipients of the message)

Compose a new message

  1. Click on the "New Message" to compose a new message.
  2. To choose the recipient/s of the message, click the "+" button.
  3. Click on the "Search members" field
  4. Enter part of a name of the person/s to receive copies of the message into the "Search members" field. A list of members that match the search field will appear.
  5. Select one or more of the members (click on the member to activate the check box)
  6. Click on "Add selected members"
  7. If you want to add another recipient you can search for another member, select them and add them.
  8. Enter a subject
  9. Write the message
  10. Click on "Send message"

At any time before the message is sent you can click on the "+" icon and select additional recipients. Messages can not be edited after they are created and sent.

Find other messages

Choose one of the filter criteria to see

  • All
  • Unread
  • Read
  • Deleted

to see the list of those messages in your message page. You can also a a term or part of a word to search the title and body of these messages.

You can also:

  • Click on "View all messages" to see all of the message titles/subject in your message page.
  • Click on the "New Message" to compose a new message.

Change message Status

Read messages are shown "greyed-out"

  • Click on "Mark as unread" to change the message to "Unead status"
  • Click on "Read" to change to the "Read status"

Deleted messages are shown with "strike through" text

  • Click on "Undelete" to remove the "deleted status"
  • Click on "Delete" to assign the "deleted status"