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The member update is an email notification that is regularly is sent to members based on their preferred Email Notification Frequency. It informs the member of recent activity on the timebank site.

Please note that the member updates are only sent:

  • if there is new activity in your timebank since the last time the member update was sent. Therefore, if during the past week there is no new activity in your timebank, a new Member Update will nopt be sent, AND
  • if the timebank's coordinator has enabled the "Member Update Emails".

The message sent to them contains the following text which can not be edited:

Recent Activities

Recent activity are content items ones which have been created since the previous notification sent to this member. The recent activities are the following.

  • Recent offers
  • Recent requests
  • Recent alerts
  • Recent news
  • Recent pages

The Member Update usually does not include the full text of the new item. It shows a portion of the text and the full item can be seen by clicking on the link provided. If the item is configured to be visible to everyone, no login is required. To see full text recent of offers, requests, alerts, news and page, the member must log onto the timebank.

The configurable content is visible at the top of the email. It is not required.