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The member profile has an added block visible to all members once subscriptions are activated. For members, this block simply displays their current subscription status, and provides a link to the Subscription payments special page if an unpaid subscription charge exists for the member.

Profile subscription block for members
Profile subscription block for coordinators

<----- Member view

Payment Coordinator view ----->

For Payment Coordinators, this block contains the following controls for a member's subscription settings:

  • A checkbox to activate or deactivate the member's current subscription setting (TIP: Deactivating the member's subscription setting does not deactivate the member's account in CW.)
  • A button to edit the member's renewal date
  • A drop-down menu to modify the member's subscription type
  • A drop-down menu to set the member's payment preference
  • A button to generate the member's next subscription charge, or delete the member's current subscription charge
  • A button to view the member's recorded payments
  • A button to record payments

Changes to any control take effect immediately.

Note to coordinators: When generating a subscription charge for a member, if the member's renewal date is within the expiration notice window, they may receive a notification immediately after generating a subscription charge.