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For Admin Coordinators

Signup Settings has three tabs

TAB -- Step 1: Signup

  • Allow anyone to sign up as a member -- If this is activated (check mark in the box) then CW will show a "Join" link on the home page. If this is not activated (no check mark), then the public "Join" button will not be visible and only coordinators will be able to use the "Add a member" feature to invite prospective members.

TAB -- Step 2: Profile

  • Choose the profile fields that your timebank deems necessary and requests members to fill out.

Selecting a sign-up field means

  • that members are requested to fill it out.
  • does not make it required"

The account will still function, even it the selected sign-up field(s) are empty.

Profile Status Implications

These sign-up fields together with the required steps for members

  1. Sign-up -- used the join function, which requires email, first name, last name and password. (Or organizational name if the member is an organization and not an individual.)
  2. Verified their email address;
  3. Agreed to the Terms of Service)

are used by CW to calculate the member profile completion status. If all required fields () and all selected fields are filled out by a member, their profile status will be reported as 100% complete.

  • The profile status is reported in the members Status Bar.

If the member cannot complete a profile field, their profile status will never reach 100%. Therefore it is very important that coordinators do not choose as necessary, profile fields that members cannot completed. If any of these examples are the case, then the member will never be able to achieve 100% profile status.

For example:

  • If the County or Neighborhood fields are chosen as necessary, but the coordinator has not created any county or neighborhood names.
  • If the County or Neighborhood fields are chosen as necessary, but the coordinator has not created the county or neighborhood name that is applicable for a member.
  • If a Twitter, Facebook or Web address field is chosen as necessary, but the member has no Twitter, Facebook or web address.
  • If the field Phone (work), Fax, Alternate Email, etc are chosen as necessary, but the members does not have one.


on using county or neighborhood as requested sign up field:

  • We suggest that coordinators never choose "County" or "Neighborhood" as necessary, unless counties and neighborhoods have been created by a coordinator.
  • We recommend that the coordinator include in their county list these two names: "! Other" and "! Out of State" (the "!" puts the name at the top of the list for ease of use.)
  • We recommend that the coordinator include in their neighborhood list this name: "! Other"

Since not everyone has one of these, we suggest that coordinators do not choose these fields in their sign up settings:

  • Nickname
  • Phone
  • Phone (Work)
  • Phone (Home)
  • Phone (Cell)
  • Fax
  • Alternate email
  • Alternate email (home)
  • Alternate email (work)
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Google+
  • Web address

TAB -- Step 3: External Validation

NOTE: This section does not yet function.

  • Require a membership fee?
  • Require a reference?
  • Require a background check?
  • Require a DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) verification?