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The link to "My exchanges" is located in the drop-down list under each member's name on the main menu bar. It is also located on your profile page and on the other "My ..." pages.

This page provides information about your exchanges as they are recorded in Community Weaver.

The "My exchanges" page shows a member

  1. The summary of his/her exchange statistics
    1. the total number of exchanges, which is the number of exchanges given plus the exchanges received
    2. the total number of hours exchanges, which is the number of hours earned plus the hours spent
    3. the current balance, which is the number of hours earned minus the hours spent
  2. The list of all recorded exchanges in which that s/he participated

Using the sort order drop-down list, you can sort the list of recorded exchanges:

  • by service date (default sort order)
  • by service provider
  • by service recipient
  • by amount (of hours)
  • by service category
  • by date recorded

Each sort method can be shown in ascending or descending (default) order. Click on the

The buttons at the top of the page let you quickly switch to:

  • My requests
  • My offers
  • My service ads
  • My profile

NOTE: There is currently no way for filter or search within the list of your recorded exchanges.