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Admin Coordinators and Outreach Coordinators can manage pages:

  1. Click the GEAR icon in the menu bar
  2. In the dropdown list go to the section named "Manage"
  3. Click on Pages
  4. The default filter will show you a list of "Regular Pages" that are "Active"

To change the filter which defines which pages are shown in this list,

  1. Use the drop down choices (to the right of the title "Pages") to choose which pages (type and status) to show in this list.
  2. For each dropdown list (see below) choose one:

Type of page: (chose one)

  • Regular Pages
  • Special Pages
  • All [meaning all types pages, both regular and special pages]

Status of page: (chose one)

  • Active [meaning publishedm pages]
  • Inactive [meaning not published pages]
  • All [meaning both published and not published pages]

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