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Each timebank using Community Weaver needs to have a licensee who has signed the Agreement with Timebanks USA. The licensee is also known as the timebank's Representative to TBUSA.

The Licensee / Timebank Representative responsibilities include:

  • Following the Community Weaver Licensee Standards.
  • To keep the your TimeBank's directory information up to date.
  • To regularly pay the license fees to cover the costs of using Community Weaver.

These costs include software server and website hosting fees, server storage space, server maintenance, regular data backups and security updates to and updates to server-wide software, technical support, ongoing development of Community Weaver in response to industry standards and user requests and requirements, and, last but not least, technical and administrative support.

See the full details for all of the licensee's responsibilities in the License Agreement for Community Weaver

See the current fee schedule.