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Version Sept 6, 2015

KI # Category Issue Work around Status Location
1 Help Yellow pop up notes cannot be dismissed all at once, only individually. They pop up when a page is first accessed. Each one can be dismissed individually. Then that note will never return No action planned Many places
2 Help Yellow pop up notes cannot be reinstated. Once they are dismissed they are hidden forever for that account. NONE No action planned Many places
3 Menu display If the name of the timebank and member (shown in the menu) is too long, the menu will use two rows instead of one, which clips off the top of the page being displayed. Reduce the size of the view in your browser. For Firefox and some other browsers hold the “Ctrl” key and hit the “-” once or twice. No action planned Your Internet browser (i.e. Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.)
5 Password A new invited member cannot easily find a way to set their password. If they do not set themselves a new password, then they cannot log into their new account. A.) The new member may discover (or be told) that they need to go to their profile and click on “Change password” to give themselves a password. B.) The new member may see that they can use the “Forgot password” link on the home page. COORDINATOR SUPPORT: 1.) Add instructions to the 'invitation' notification. 2.) Add instruction to the “Welcome” page, a special page. On ToDo list New member configuration
7 Printing Printing the list of members, offers, requests, exchanges, or Timebankers' Talents from CW3 will only print what is shown on the active web page. If the 'Items per page' is set to 10 it will print 10 entries. If the 'Items per page' is set to the maximum, which is 100, it will print 100 entries. If, for example, the list of members is more than 100, the print function will not be able to print all the members at one time. "If the the list of the list of members, (or offers, requests, exchanges, Timebankers' Talents) is more than 100, you first choose “Showing 1 - 100 of 900” and print the first 100. Then choose the next web page “Showing 101 - 200 of 900” and print that page. Then choose “Showing 201 - 300 of 900” and print that page, and so on until you have printed all 900 members. On ToDo list Printing from web page
8 Map Sometimes the map on member's profile does not function correctly. CW3 uses a third party map web site. Check to see that the actual address is entered and not just a POBox. Sometimes additional information like apartment numbers will confuse the map system. Even with the correct address,it sometimes does not work correctly On ToDo list Map in profile
9 City If there are any misspelled city names in the profiles of accounts, they will be listed in the filter for cities. This appears when a member misspells the name of a city in her/his profile. Enter correct the spellings of the cities in all accounts, including disabled accounts. Ask your timebank's coordinator to change misspelled city names. No action planned Filter for city, city field in profiles
10 Exchanges If a member has recorded an exchange, there is no way to edit/change the other member in this exchange. Delete the exchange and record a new exchange. On ToDo list in recorded exchanges