Known Issues CW 3.0 for Coordinators

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Updated Sept 05, 2016

KI # Category Issue Work around Status Location
1 Home Page Logo If your timebank's logo in the right sidebar of the home page is not centered, it is because your logo is not centered in the image file. Adjust your logo to be in the center of the image file for your logo. No action planned
2 Home page featured image It is not possible to delete a featured image. You can only replace it. NONE To do list Editing main page for home page.
6 Member accounts Member accounts cannot be deleted Members who have participated in a recorded exchange should not be deleted. They can be disabled. OK
7 Exchange Record Order by service provider or service recipient uses the last name of the member, and the organizations name. NONE No action planned GEAR / Reports / Member Exchanges
8 Exchange Record In an exchange record, a coordinator cannot see the date that the exchange was recorded. NONE No action planned GEAR / Reports / Member Exchanges
9 Exchange Record Order by date recorded is possible, but that date is not visible. NONE No action planned GEAR / Reports / Member Exchanges
10 Email validation A coordinator cannot approve/validate the email for a new member account. NONE No action planned
/ Invite new member
11 Profile Configuration Cannot add or change list of spoken languages NONE No action planned Profile / Communication
12 Events Repeating events must be entered individually. NONE To do list
/ Post an event
14 Filters Choosing multiple entries in filters is not possible. Filter for one items, select results, filter for a second item, add to selection, filter for next item and add to selection, etc. To do list
17 Member accounts Coordinators are not sent a notification when new member (not yet approved) has validated their email address Member Coordinator will have to regularly check XXXX
18 Member accounts No one (Coordinators; Guardian Angel; prospective member) is sent a notification when new member with no email address is invited to join. NONE }