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Only coordinators can use the "Add a member" function.

To create a new account for a prospective member, a Member Coordinator can click on the "+" in the Menu Bar then click "Add a member" .

NOTE: If your timebank does not allow the public to "Join" the timebank, the only way to create a new ember account is to use this "Add a member" button. If the coordinator has switched off the public "Join" button, the "Join" button will no longer be visible on the site.

Prospective member has an email address

The coordinator is required to enter following information for the new member:

  1. Email Address
  2. First Name
  3. Last Name.

The coordinator can also:

  • enter a nickname or
  • add a custom welcome message to the invitation email

Clicking the "Invite member" button will save the entries and will:

  • Create the applying member account for the new member
  • Send an invitation email to the email address with a request to "Activate my account".
  • Take the coordinator to the new member's Member Profile where the coordinator can enter any other information about that person.

IMPORTANT NOTE for members whose account was created by the coordinator

When the invited person clicks the "Activate my account" link in the email invitation, they will be logged into their new account.

Tip: Before logging out, the new member will need to create a password for their account in order to log in later.

To do this the new member should:

  1. Click their name to go to their Member Profile.
  2. Click the 'Change Password' button at the top of the page.
  3. Enter their password twice then click Save changes.

Prospective member has no email address

To create a new account for a prospective member, a Member Coordinator can click on the "+" in the Menu Bar then click "Add a member"

When adding a new member the coordinator can choose "Member does not have an email address" and then will be required to choose a Guardian Angel for this new member with no email address. The Guardian Angel will receive email on the member's behalf. To do this, the coordinator clicks the checkbox for "Member does not have an email address". Then the required fields are First Name, Last Name, and Guardian Angel.

The next step for Applying Members and Coordinators

For Prospective members

When a prospective member clicks on the email confirmation link in the notification they received, they will be guided through the following steps. They will be

  1. directed to the Community Weaver site that they joined.
  2. requested to login using the email address and password that they created when joining unless they are logged in).
  3. shown an online note confirming their successful validation of their email address.
  4. directed to the "Profile Status" page
  5. requested to finish the online membership process (as defined by the timebank).

For Coordinators

  • All coordinators will be sent a sign up email notification informing the coordinators of a new member application and the prospective member will be given the role "Applying Member".
  • When the applying member has fulfilled all of the timebank's requirements for membership, the coordinator will need to approve the applying member to give them full member access to the timebank. Coordinators use the "Approve" button (at the top of each applying member's profile) to approve the member. The coordinator must choose the approval date for the member.

Coordinators finish the process

  • review a list of applying members coordinators
    1. Go to GEAR Icon/Reports/Dashboard
    2. in Member Reports section, click on report for applying members
  • Depending upon your timebank's registration processes, additional steps may apply.
  • A coordinator will need to approve the membership once complete.
  • When the applying member is approved by a coordinator, the member will be notified by email that their membership is approved.