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Community Weaver 3 is a completely new program with many improvements and new features. You will find it easier to use and navigate. We attempted to keep all functionality analogous to what existed in Community Weaver 2, with improvements in areas which were difficult or confusing. Check out the new Community Weaver at the CW3 Demonstration site.

Improvements and Changes in Community Weaver 3

  • Modern, simple, easy to use graphic interface.
  • Works well on computers, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • Improved communication and messaging among members.
  • Vastly improved filters and search functions for finding offers, requests and other members.
  • Recording exchanges is much easier.
  • Timebank statistics - members, hours exchanged, and number of exchanges are automatically reported.
  • Drag-and-drop image uploading, support for mobile phone camera uploads.
  • Improved WYSIWYG editor with easier image manipulation.
  • Modern user interface supporting features in HTML5.
  • New improved notifications keep members informed of activities in the timebank.
  • The the number of and the topics of service ads as well as the number of listings in the Timebankers' Talents categories can be seen by the general public. As before, member information can only be seen by other approved members.

New Features in Community Weaver 3

For Everyone

Everyone and anyone (before they login) can see:

  • lists of descriptions of offers, requests (but no details, until they become a member).
  • the number of offers and requests by category (but no details, until they become a member).
  • the number of members who listed themselves for Timebankers' Talents (but no details, until they become a member).

For all Members

Ease of use

  • Community Weaver now has a Responsive Interface which works well on computers, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • It is just one click from the home page to the main member activities (viewing or posting offers and requests, viewing the Timebankers' Talents, recording exchanges, listing members, browsing alerts, news pages and links, updating a Member Profile, reviewing the statistics about exchanges, and reading or answering messages.
  • Both members and coordinators have many more opportunities to filter and search the lists of members, offers, and requests.
  • Recording exchanges automatically uses the information from the service ads. After choosing the exchange partner and the service ad, all you need to enter are the date of the exchange and the hours exchanged.
  • A recorded exchange provides you with a virtual certificate describing the successful exchange.
  • The member list can be sorted by first name or last name (new features) as well as by last login and distance (as before).
  • Images can be added to pages, offers, requests, alerts, and news with drag & drop or via browsing files.
  • Images can be resized by click and drag.


  • Regular automatic notifications about new offers, requests, alerts, news (announcements), and pages can be sent to all members.
  • Members can choose the frequency of receiving notifications from Community Weaver (immediately, hourly, daily, or weekly).
  • A member can send a message to multiple members.
  • Messages from one member to another are sent as email messages as well in the internal message system.
  • 'Follow' a Twitter account or 'Like' a Facebook page can be easily added to the home page (by a coordinator).
  • Each member can provide multiple contact information or links. Multiple phone numbers, email addresses, Twitter, Facebook, :Linkedin , Google+ and web addresses are possible.
  • Yellow 'popover notes' with descriptions of features are shown when a user first looks at a page. Users can 'dismiss' them to prevent them from showing up again.
  • A page 'spinner' shows when the web page is loading or refreshing.

Membership Accounts and Profiles

  • Members have a "membership status " page which outlines the steps which they need to complete
  • CW 3 provides individual membership accounts (as before) and organizational membership accounts (a new feature). Organizational accounts can be linked to an individual account that can then manage the organizational account.
  • Members who need special help can be assigned a Guardian Angel who will then have full access to that member's account.
  • People who do not have or do not use email can become members and will be assigned a Guardian Angel to help them use the timebank.
  • Each member can define the privacy settings/visibility for their contact information, links and other profile information.

Timebank information

  • Members can now see their total number of exchanges, hours given, hours received (new features) as well as the current balance (as before). Additionally, a bar chart compares the hours received, given, and the current balance.
  • CW3 provides information panes (events, summaries of recent activities, 'who is online' and statistics (number of members, number of exchanges, number of hours exchanged) that can configured to be visible to the public, only to TimeBank members, or only to coordinators.
  • Offers and requests can be configured to expire once an exchange is recorded for that ad.


  • Each page has a link to its own help guide.
  • Most elements in CW 3 have 'tool tips' that appear when the mouse cursor hovers over that element.
  • An online wiki provides CW3 documentation.


  • The web site server uses encrypted secure SSL to transfer data to and from your computer, tablet, or phone.

For Coordinators

Ease of use

  • Coordinators have new pre-configured reports.
  • Coordinators have many more options to filter and search members, service ads, and recorded exchanges.
  • The results of filters and searched can be viewed (as before) and/or exported (new feature).
  • Managing the lists of categories, affiliations, counties, neighborhoods, and Community Timebanks is greatly improved and simplified.


  • The chosen selection of members can be used as the recipients of bulk mail.
  • Bulk mail can be written, saved as draft, and scheduled to be sent at a later date.
  • Bulk mail that has been created and saved can be reused at a later date.
  • Coordinators can customize the notifications sent by Community Weaver.
  • Pages, news (announcements), alerts, and events can be assigned a publish start date and a publish end date.
  • Individual pages, news (announcements), alerts, and events can be made visible to the public or only to timebank members or only to coordinators.
  • Pages, news (announcements), and alerts can be published in the sidebar or on the main/home page.
  • The order of pages, news (announcements) alerts and links shown in the Sidebar can be assigned.

Membership Accounts and Profiles

  • The signup requirements can be defined by a coordinator.
  • Member Profile fields can be configured to be required or optional.
  • Public signup (creating an account) can be disabled by coordinators. In that case only a coordinator can invite someone to become a CW member.
  • For each member there will be a record not only of the date they created an account in Community Weaver (as before) but also the date that they were approved by a coordinator to be an active member (a new feature). For existing members who were approved in the past, coordinators will be able to enter the correct approval date.


  • The coordinator can define colors for various elements of the site.
  • The coordinator can cange the font used.

Community Timebanks (sub-timebanks or hubs)

  • A timebank coordinator can set up multiple 'sub-timebanks' (Community Timebanks) within each Community Weaver site. Members and service ads can be assigned to Community Timebanks. This a great way to include several nearby timebanks into one Community Weaver.

See also Community Weaver 3.0.x Release_Notes