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When you first start using Community Weaver 3 the home page blocks are only visible to the coordinators.

Visibility Configuration

To change the visibility settings of the home page blocks:

  1. Go to your home page
  2. Click on "GEAR icon"
  3. Click on "Toggle Edit Mode"
  4. Observe that ther is now a check mare behind the "Toggle Edit Mode"
  5. Observe that each home page block now has an "Eye icon" with a drop down arrow.
  6. Click on the "Eye icon" in the header of the block.
  7. By clicking on one of the three possibilities (Coordinators, Members or Everyone) you can choose who can see the block.
  8. Observe that the choice is immediately saved and the hue of the block's title bar changes depending upon which choice oyu make.
  9. Click on "GEAR icon"
  10. Click on "Toggle Edit Mode" (to turn off the edit mode)

Implications of choosing:

  • Coordinators - The block is visible only to coordinators of your timebank.
  • Members - The block is visible all approved members of your timebank, which of course includes all coordinators and any internan account you may have created.
  • Everyone - The block is visible only to everyone, which means anyone in the world who visits the site.

Block title bar hue

The density of the hue for the title bar of the home page blocks depends upon visibility configured for that block.

  • If visible to Coordinators, the block's title bar has a very light hue.
  • If visible to Members, the block's title bar has a darker hue.
  • If visible to Everyone, the block's title bar has a very dark hue.

For more details see color densities

Block arrangement

The blocks arrange themselves on the home page. This allows the Community Weaver web site to be responsive to mobile devices. A coordinator cannot define where the various block appear on teh home page. The pages will be placed in the upper center of the page when viewing theh site with a PC.