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  • Community Weaver's Responsive Interface allows you to use a computer, a smart phone, or tablet. Some of the navigation information below assumes that you have large screen. Note that there are some differences when using the smaller screen of a Smart Phone or Tablet.
  • At the top of each page is a Menu Bar for navigating to the main features of the site.
  • The rightmost column of each page is a Sidebar containing for navigating to the main features of the site and showing links to pages and news about your timebank. At the top of the sidebar urgent alerts will be shown (if any exist) and at the bottom of the sidebar are links to other useful web pages or sites.
  • At the bottom of each page is a Footer with the name and contact information about your timebank as well as links to information about timebanking and this Community Weaver Documentation wiki.

Home Page

Offers, Requests, and Timebankers' Talents

Exchanging Services with Other Members

Finding Members

  • You can find members using the search box or the list of Members.

Communicating with Other Members

My Profile

  • Click on your name in the menu and choose "My profile"
  • Your member profile includes your email address, phone number, post address, biography, living situation, connections, and Timebankers' Talents, etc.