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A head of household is a designation for a member in Community Weaver 3.1 who is responsible for paying the TimeBank subscription fee for the household. The head of household is the only household member to receive notifications regarding the subscription.

Profile subscription block for coordinators

The Payment Coordinator and Admin Coordinator can designate any individual member (not an Organizational member) as a head of household. This is done in the subscription block in the member's profile. -------------------->

Once designated as a head of household, other timebank members can be assigned to that household. This is also done in the subscription block in the member's profile. -------------------->

If you modify the subscription renewal date for a head of household, the subscription renewal date is also updated for all members of that household.

Similarly, when a member joins a household as a member, their subscription renewal date is updated to the household's renewal date.

Demoting a head of household

If a coordinator modifies a member's subscription type and demotes them from head of household to be an Individual subscription, then note that all members of their household will also be demoted to an Individual subscription; which means that each member may receive notices via email relating to their subscription expiration.

A coordinator can modify the head of household settings for a member in the subscription block on the member's Profile page.