First steps for a new CW timebank

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First steps for a new Community Weaver Timebank

After a new Community Weaver timebank is launched the Community Weaver Licensee for your timebank (aka your timebank's Representative to TBUSA) is responsible for the initial configuration of your new online timebank software.

Now that your new Timebank is up and running we suggest that you customize your timebank.

You are the first member of your Timebank and you are also the first Admin Coordinator of your Timebank. The admin coordinator is a timebank member with the special additional permissions and access. You can assign additional members to the admin coordinator roll. There are three also other coordinator roles. For the details see coordinator permissions.

  1. Go to the web address of your Timebank (see the email announcing you new Timebank).
  2. Login to the new Timebank with your Action Hub email and password.

  • Click on your name in the menu to take you to your profile:*
  • Check all the entries in your profile to get to know them and to update them as is necessary.

  • Explore Community Weaver
  • Look at all the menu and sidebar items.
  • on each page, in the menu bar at the top of the page, you can click on the "?" to find help for that page.

FURTHER INFORMATION (accessible to everyone) go to:

Keep your timebank's directory listing up-to-date


As a timebank coordinators you send your support requests to the TBUSA TechTeam. Please use our ticket submission system at: