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Coordinators can filter user accounts (both members and non-members) by choosing one or more of the criteria listed in the filters listed below. Each choice will further narrow the members shown in the list. The search field is also one of the filters. See also using filters.

If a choice is made for any of the criteria in a filter, that choice will remain active even if that filter is hidden.

DEFAULT The default criteria of the default filters (Enabled and Disabled; Role) will be visible to coordinators. This means that coordinators will see the filters set to:

  • Enabled
  • Member

This will server as a reminder to the default configuration for the list of members. It will also allow coordinators to quickly choose another different criterion for these filters.

To return to the default filter setting, click on "Members."

Tip: You can also use filters for selecting members for further actions such as sending a broadcast email or exporting the list shown.

These filters and criteria available for coordinators to use on the list members (and non-members) of the timebank:

Enabled or disabled (account status)

  • Enabled and disabled
  • Enabled
  • Disabled


  • All roles
  • Admin Coordinator
  • Applying Member
  • Member
  • Member Coordinator
  • Member Support (Coordinator)
  • Outreach Coordinator
  • Payment Coordinator
  • Translator


  • All cities
  • (other choices are all cities in all accounts)


  • All countries
  • (other choices are a list of countries)

All counties

  • (other choices are all the counties listed in your timebank)

Zip (post) code

  • All zip (post) codes
  • (other choices are all post codes entered in all accounts)


  • All neighborhoods
  • (other choices are all the neighborhoods listed in the timebank)


  • All affiliations
  • (other choices are all the affiliations listed in the timebank)

Interface language

  • Interface language (show all)
  • Site default language
  • Not the site default language
  • (other choices are all the interface languages listed in the timebank)

Spoken language

  • Spoken Language (show all)
  • No languages chosen
  • Any language chosen
  • (other choices are all the spoken languages listed in the timebank)


Which accounts have an images uploaded as a picture?

  • Picture: No
  • Picture: Yes


Which member's account have a birth date entered?

  • Birthday: No
  • Birthday: Yes

Has ads?

Which member's account have service ads?

  • Has no ad (active or expired) -- Member has no active and no expired service ads (offers or requests).
  • Has ad (active or expired) -- Member has at least one active or expired service ad (offer or request).
  • Has no active ad -- Member has no active offer or request.
  • Has active ad -- Member has at least on active offer or request.

Has exchanges?

  • Exchange: No
  • Exchange: Yes

Email verified?

Has member verified his/her email address?

  • Email verified: No
  • Email verified: Yes

Guardian (Angel)


  • Members who are a guardian
  • Members who have a guardian

Has email?

(Does the member have an email address?)

  • No email
  • Have email

Broadcast emails?

(Filters for broadcast mail setting)

  • Broadcast email: Yes (Member receives broadcast mailings)
  • Broadcast email: No (Member does not receive broadcast mailings)

Approval date

  • Approved anytime
  • Approved today
  • Approved last week
  • Approved last month
  • Approved in past 3 months
  • Approved in past 6 months

Sign up date

  • Signed up anytime
  • Signed up today
  • Signed up last week
  • Signed up last month
  • Signed up in past 3 months
  • Signed up in past 6 months

Profile status

(Filter for member's profile status)

  • Unapproved member (all)
  • Unapproved member (incomplete)
  • Unapproved member (complete)
  • Member (all)
  • Member (incomplete)
  • Member (complete)

Member organizations

(Filter for membership type)

  • Humans and Organizations
  • Human Members
  • Member Organizations

Organization manager

(Filter for managers and non-managers)

  • Organization is managed?
  • Organization is not managed?
  • Member is organizational manager?
  • Member is not organizational manager?
  • Member is manager of ... (choices are all organizational members in the timebank)

Timebankers' Talents

(Filter for talents listed or not listed)

  • Has a talent listed
  • Has no talents listed

Search field

(searches name or email address)

  • enter part of a members email or name