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An event is a calendar entry.

For Coordinators

To edit an existing event a coordinator may:

  • In the Menu Bar click on"Events at gear icon/Manage/Events'.
  • From the List of existing events, click the Edit button.
  • While viewing an event, click the Edit button.

Specify the:

  • date,
  • start time,
  • duration,
  • event title, and
  • description.

To place the event on the calendar click the box at Published

If you want the event to be featured, check the box at "Featured event" (Featured events are published above all other events in the "Events" list on Home Page.)

To determine who can see the alert, choose one of the Visible attributes

  • Coordinators
  • Members or
  • Everyone

Tip: Click the Save changes button when you are done.

Also see: Post a new event