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A page is an informational web page within CW3.

To create a new page a coordinator may:

To edit an existing alert a coordinator may:

  • From the Menu Bar's gear icon, click Manage Pages.
  • From the List of existing pages, click the Edit button.
  • From the sidebar, click the 'pencil icon' next to an existing page. (The 'pencil icon' is only visible when the "Toggle Edit Mode" is on.)

To display the page in the sidebar, check the box. Otherwise the title will not be visible in the sidebar.

To determine who can see the page, click the Published checkbox then choose whether it should be visible to members, coordinators, or everyone. To publish at a later date, click the Publish on date checkbox and choose a date in the future. To allow it to expire automatically, click the Stop publishing on date checkbox andw choose a date when it should no longer be published.

To add an image to the page, use the "upload image" icon in the editor.

To add a Featured Image to the page drag and drop an image into the Featured Image box or click in the box to browse to an image.

Tip: Click the Save changes button when you are done.