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Why does Community Weaver warn you that your ad blocker is activated?

Community Weaver will warn you if your Internet browser has an ad or popup blocker which is activated for the Community Weaver timebank site. Community Weaver warns you because:

If you have an activated ad blocker on your computer it will prevent some parts of Community Weaver from functioning.

Why does ad block software or pop-up blocking software cause problems for Community Weaver?

Community Weaver uses terms (ad, service, request, earn, etc) that are often used by advertising pop-ups and it is these terms that trigger the pop-up blockers or ad blockers. To use Community Weaver well, you will need to configure your ad blocker or pop-up blocker so that it is not triggered by Community Weaver. You can disable your ad blocker or pop-up blocker only for the domain name of your timebank, leaving it active for other web sites.

This page gives instructions on how to disable ad blocking software for TimeBanks web sites. It will configure your ad blocker so that only timebanks.org (or yourtimebankname.timebanks.org will be ignored. Your ad blocking software will continue to block ads on other sites. If you do not find instructions for your browser below, search the Internet for these key words

  • disable
  • turn off
  • adblocker
  • pop-up
  • your browser's name

Important notes:

* An ad or popup blockers can be part or your Internet browser or can be add-on software for the browser.

* It is also possible to have multiple ad or popup blockers activated. If you continue see ad blocker warnings from Community Weaver, check your Internet browser to sure that they are all deactivated for your timebank site.

Disabling Ad Blockers

Ad Block

AdBlock has versions for Safari, Chrome, and FireFox.

Disabling AdBlock in Chrome

First, click on the AdBlock button in the menu bar and click "Don't run on pages on this domain"":


Next, adjust the sliders so the pattern reads:



Click Exclude. You're done!

AdBlock Plus

AdBlockPlus has versions for Safari, Chrome, FireFox, and Internet Explorer.

Disabling AdBlockPlus in FireFox

Click the APB stop sign icon in the toolbar and select "Disable on name.timebanks.org" (where name is your time bank name.) You are done.


Disabling AdBlock Plus in Chrome

Click the APB stop sign icon in the toolbar and click Enabled on this site. It will then read Disabled on this site. You are done.


Disabling AdBlock Plus in Internet Explorer

Click the APB stop sign icon in the bottom of your browser window and select "Disable on name.timebanks.org" (where name is your time bank name.) You are done.


uBlock Origin

TO disabler uBlock, click the uBlock Origin shield on your web browser to display uBlock Origin's popup interface. Click the blue circular on/off button to disable ad blocking for your timebank. The on/off button will turn grey.