Configuring a New Timebank

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A new Community Weaver timebank is launched with its default settings which can be configured by the new coordinators of the timebank. The list of offers, requests, Timebanker's Talents and recorded exchanges are all empty and will be filled by the activity of the members of the timebank. The newly launched site has two member accounts:

  • one individual member, the account of the licensee who requested the timebank to be created. This account has Admin Coordinator permissions
  • one organizational member, the Community Fund an internal account that has specific use in Community Weaver. Note: Do not delete or change its name.

To configure the new timebank the Admin Coordinator will usually want to review all the site-wide configuration settings and make changes to fit the needs of their new timebank. Below is a list of the most important configurations for a new timebank.

Site Setup and Configuration

Configurations that are important for setting up a new timebank. These configurations affect everyone using your Community Weaver site. Find them:

  • on the the Home Page
  • in the site configuration section at: Gear-icon.png > Config
  • in the Special Pages

See the links below.

Home Page

The coordinator can configure the appearance, content, and visibility of the home page.

Site Configurations

The Gear Icon (Gear-icon.png) is in the menu bar. These can all be configured to fit your timebank.


for timebank identity, features, language and time zone


for new member signup settings


for the site's logo, colors, and fonts


for service categories, tags, counties, neighborhoods, affiliations, community time banks, and contact forms. There is a list of default service categories (which can be changed, and one default contact form. By default, the new site does not have any tags, counties, neighborhoods or affiliations.


for the email notification templates. The templates all have a default configuration. Coordinators can add their own texts to each of the templates.


but only if the payment feature is enabled. To understand and enable the payment feature, see:

Special Pages

Special pages in a TimeBank contain content which is vital to the operation of the TimeBank, and include information for members about how your TimeBank works and instructions for them on policies and other related information. It is important to create your timebank messages in your spacial pages.

See also: