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Coordinators can approve an applying member or if necessary →→Use with caution←← unapprove an existing member's account. See: IMPORTANT NOTES

Coordinators can see a list of all applying members

  • click on "Member" in the sidebar and then change the filter from "member" to "applying members"


  • click on "Gear icon/Reports/Dashbord" and then choose the one of the applying member reports.

Coordinators can approve an applying member

by going to that members profile and then clicking on the "Approve" button (in the green field at the top of that member's profile. When approving an applying member, the coordinator can choose the approval date and can choose not to send a notification email to that member.

Coordinators can un-approve a member

to undo the membership approval. (see the "Unapprove" button in a red field at the top of a member's profile) This button is provided to allow a coordinator to unapprove an account that was ACCIDENTALLY approved. If you want to prevent a member from accessing your timebank it is much better to use "Disable" instead of Unapprove". Using "Unapprove" will delete the current approval date. Re-approving a member will record the current date as the approval date, unless you choose another approval date. The previous approval date is lost when you unapprove a member.

Important Notes

→→Use with caution←← If you unapprove a member, their account becomes an "Applying Member" account, including all the above mentioned limitations.

→→WARNING←← If you have the payment feature enabled, the approve date is used when creating the payment charge. Using "unapprove" for a member will most likely cause a data inconsistency. If you must use "unapprove" when you have the payment feature enabled, be sure to delete all payment charges from the member's subscription (in their profile) BEFORE you "unapprove them.