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An Alert is a very brief message that appears in the alert box in the upper right corner of all pages of Community Weaver.

  • Click on the alert title to read the entire alert message.
  • Click on the "hide alert" button in the alert box to hide the alert text and to minimize the alert box.
  • Click on the minimized Alerts to open the alert box and to show the alert titles.

Coordinators create alerts to announce urgent issues to all timebank members.

Coordinator Options

Coordinators may list alerts that were created previously. You can choose to display active, inactive, or all alerts. To find a specific alert, you can search the alerts for words in the title or body. From this page you can also:

  • Post a new alert by clicking the Post a member alert button.
  • Edit an alert by clicking the Edit button.
  • Delete an alert by clicking the Delete button.
  • Make the full alert visible on the home page by checking a box.