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Timebank Admin Coordinators can enter namers of organizations, groups or projects in the Community Weaver (CW) affiliations list. These can be any organization and they do not need to be about members in CW. It is just a list.

Members, in their profile, can choose to show that they are affiliated with any number of organizations, groups, or projects in the "affiliations" list . In most timebanks this is seen as additional information provided by a member. When a member chooses an affiliation, they are essentially saying these are the groups that I am affiliated with. Timebank members can choose one or more of the affiliations from the list in CW.

The nature of the affiliation is left up to the member. The decision to choose one or more affiliations depends upon the member. For some members they might choose an affiliation because they are a member of that organization. For others it might mean that that they have another relationship with the organization. Or it might just mean the the member likes or uses the services provided by that organization.

In the member's profile, in the section "Connections" go to "Edit Connections" and choose one one or more organizations listed in the affiliations list. Each member can choose multiple affiliations.

In the list of members, all members can search for or filter for all members who have associated themselves with an organization in the list of affiliation.

Members can send a request to their timebank's coordinator and ask that additional groups or organizations be added to the list.

For Coordinators Only

Timebank coordinators can create, edit or remove names on the list of affiliations. See: Time_Bank_Manage_Lists