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Visitors to your website are grouped in the following ways:

  • Everyone: Visitors who are visiting your site, but have not yet logged in or do not have a valid login yet
  • Members: Members who have a valid login to your TimeBank but are not assigned a role which has Coordinator privileges
  • Coordinators: Members who have a valid login to your TimeBank and have been assigned a coordinator role: Admin Coordinator, Member Coordinator, Member Support, Outreach Coordinator, Payment Coordinator

Coordinators can then set various permissions through the administrative interface to allow the groups above to view various content based on their permissions.

Note: The Everyone group is not visible in the administrative interface unless Member privacy is disabled.

Where coordinators can set these permissions:

  • Home page block visibility: You can set the Home page visibility settings to allow blocks on the home page to be visible to everyone, members only, or just coordinators.
  • Page/News/Alert: When creating a page, an alert, or a news item you can set the visibility to everyone, members only, or just coordinators.
  • Member profile information: Coordinators can set individual member profile information visibility for profile pages, pictures, email address, street address, biography, first/last names, and nicknames under "Privacy Settings"