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The verify email address request is automatically sent to a member when they (or a coordinator) edit or change the email address in a member's profile.

This notification is sent to confirm that the email address in their profile actually functions. If it is incorrect, mail sent to that email address will bounce. To many bounce messages creates problems for Community Weaver's email provider. Therefore it is important that we do not send email to incorrect email addresses. This will not happen if the email address is verified.

Why is it important to have email addresses verified:

  • There might be typing error in the email.
  • Someone might have accidentally entered an incorrect email address.
  • There might be a problem with the email provider or domain.
  • Without verification, the timebank coordinators cannot be sure that email messages actually can be received by that member.

The message sent to them contains the following text which can not be edited:

The configurable content is visible at the bottom of the email. It is not required, but may contain information about why having valid emails is important.

Please note that there are many reasons why a person might not have responded to this request to validate the email address:

  • maybe the email request was overlooked
  • perhaps they do not realize how important it is to reply
  • maybe there is a typo in the email address and the request did not get to the intended recipient
  • maybe their mail box was full when it was sent
  • maybe it was diverted by a spam filter.

There are many reasons why an email validation request might not have been validated. If a member or prospective members has not validated their email address, it is best to contact them by another means (phone, in-person, by another email) to clarify the situation.

To resend the verify email request to a member, as a Coordinator

  1. go to the person's profile
  2. click on the button "Profile Status" at the top of the profile
  3. go to section 2 "Verify your email address" and click on "send another"