Timebankers' Talents

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Timebankers' Talents is a directory of members organized by the category of their skills. This is a good place to tell other members about helpful talents you have even though they are not listed as an Offer. Similarly, here you may find a member who offers help with something you need done.

Note: The Timebankers' Talents is not a directory of member's offers.

TIP: In Community Weaver 2 this feature was called "Yellow Pages." In Community weaver 3 it was renamed to Timebankers' Talents.

  • Each timebank member can list themselves in the categories in which they have skills to offer.
  • Whenever you create an offer, the category used for that offer will automatically be added to your Timebankers' Talents Listings, unless you choose otherwise when you create or edit your offer.
  • If you no longer want to be listed in a Timebankers' Talents category, you can edit your listings and remove yourself from any category.

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Edit your Timebankers' Talents Listing

  1. Go to your own profile
  2. Got to the section "Timebankers' Talents Listings"
  3. Click on "Edit listings"

How to open the Timebankers' Talents

  • Click on "Timebankers' Talents" in the Sidebar
  • Click on "Timebankers' Talents" in the drop-down list under "Give and Receive" in the menu bars.