TimeBank Signup Settings

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Signup Settings has three tabs

TAB -- Step 1: Signup

  • Allow anyone to sign up as a member -- If this is activated (check mark in the box) then CW will show a "Join" link on the home page. If this is not activated (no check mark), then the public "Join" button will not be visible and only coordinators will be able to use the "Add a member" feature to invite prospective members.

TAB -- Step 2: Profile

  • Specify profile fields that are required for CW to report that a member's profile status is 100% complete.

TIP: Please note that "required" only means required for a 100% complete profile. A prospective member can join CW and can edit and save their profile without filling out any of the.so-called "required" signup fields. The only fields that are actually REQUIRED to join CW are email, first name, last name and password.

TAB -- Step 3: External Validation

TIP: This section does not yet function.

  • Require a membership fee?
  • Require a reference?
  • Require a background check?
  • Require a DMV verification?