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One Click to Main Timebanking Features

When you are on the home page, all the main timebanking features are just one click away.

Home Page Content

Your timebank's coordinator has customized the home page to make specific areas visible:

  • The general public (a.k.a. Everyone) can always see the login box, and external links.
  • Individual events, information pages, news (aka announcements), and alerts can be made visible to Everyone or only to Members.
  • The frames with all events, recent offers, recent requests, recent exchanges, recent members, timebank statistics (hours exchanged, number of exchanges, number of members), coordinator names, and 'who is online' can be made visible to Everyone or only to Members.
  • Coordinators can see everything and can configure the visibility of the various elements of the site.

The home page consists of several blocks which can be configured using different visibility settings.

Learn more about what content exists in the home page blocks.

Home Page Layout

Community Weaver uses a Responsive Interface so that it can be easily viewed on devices. The page will automatically rearrange itself depending upon which device you use(computer, tablet, or phone). There may be as many as five columns (computer monitor) or as few as one (phone). In order to be automatically responsive to the devices used, the order of these blocks in the home page cannot be influenced by

Getting to the Home Page

Click the timebank name or the house icon at the top of the page or the time bank's logo in the sidebar to go to the home page.