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[[Category:Email Fields]]
[[Category:Email Fields]]
[[Category:Email Notifications]]
[[Category:Email Notifications]]

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This page is for coordinators

The automatic notification emails sent by Community Weaver which can be customized by coordinators are described below. CW automatic notifications can be customized and personalized in a way that is similar to merge mail used in word processors.

For each automatic notification email you will find a link to a list of the fields (place holders) available for that notification. Some are available in a dropdown box in the editor. Others are described in this coordinator guide here in this wiki and will need to be copied and pasted into the body or subject line. The fields (place holders) are always between a set of curly brackets.

Please note,

  • most automatic notification emails are sent immediately, when they are triggered
  • some are sent at times defined by each member. see: Notification Email Frequency for the details.

See also:

Signup Emails

Site Signup Subject/Body

Sent to new members when they signup on the site, asks them to validate their email address. It includes a link to click on which will confirm that the CW notification email was received by the new member.

Member Fields Available are:

Member Invitation Subject/Body

Welcome message sent to a new member when a coordinator creates an account for that member.

Specific Email Fields Available:

Text in Email Description Examples
{coordinator_name} Name of the coordinator sending the invitation John Smith
{validate_url} URL of link to validate member's email address https://example.timebanks.org/invite/4337fb150cbc24bd1842fb3b8f828a6c
Email Fields Available are:

Member Approved Subject/Body

Sent to a member immediately when their membership is approved.

Specifically, when:

  • A coordinator changes their member role from "Applying Member" to "Member" on their profile page. (There is a checkbox to optionally skip sending the approval notification.)
  • A coordinator changes a member's permission in the member list by selecting them, and choosing "member actions", "Change permissions", "Change membership status", "Approved member"
Email Fields Available are:

Automatic Notification Emails

The following settings can be changed by selecting Emails in the Coordinator Menu, and selecting the Notifications tab. This grouping of email customizations relate to emails sent to members and the ongoing running of a TimeBank.

Validate Email Address Subject/Body

Sent when a member's email address needs to be verified.

Email Fields Available are:

Ad Expired Subject/Body

Sent when a member's offer or request is about to expire, by default 7 days prior to expiration.

Specific Email Fields Available:

Text in Email Description Examples
{expire_date} Date Ad expires Monday, August 23rd, 2014
{ad_type} Type of Ad offer


{ad_title} Ad Title Drive me to the Airport

Let me clean up your garage

{notify_days} Number of days before ads expire a member is notified 1


{days} Proper plural given the number of days above day


Additional Email Fields Available are:

Guardian Angel Subject/Body

Sent to the guardian angel when members perform various actions. See: Guardian Angel for more information.

Email Fields Available are:

Forgotten Password Subject/Body

Sent to the members when they submit the form on the forgotten password page.

Email Fields Available are:

Coordinator Emails

The following emails are sent only to coordinators.

Contact Form Body

Sent when a member uses the contact form. Note there is no subject to customize here, the Subject of the email sent is specified by the member making the request in the Contact Form.

Contact Form Fields Available are:
Text in Email Description Examples
{from_name} Name entered by the member on the Contact form John Doe
{from_email} Email entered by the member on the Contact form john@example.com
Additional Email Fields Available are:

Member Sign-up Subject/Body

Sent to coordinators when a member registers to join the TimeBank. The subject of this notification email is the "<name of the user> signed up" and includes links to the member's profile and membership status in the body of the notification. See Member Sign Up template.

Email Fields Available are:

Coordinator Report Subject/Body

Sends Coordinators a report about TimeBank activity based on their email preferences. See: Coordinator Report template

Email Fields Available are:

Member Emails

There is one email notification that is sent regularly to all members. It is the Member Update email. The timing and frequency of these email can be configured by each member.

Member Update Subject/Body

Sends TimeBank activity updates to members based on their email |frequency preferences. See: Member Update template

Email Fields Available are:

See also: Notification_Email_Triggers