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E-mail Settings

Site Email Address

Your site email address is fixed based on the TimeBank Code Name. If your TimeBank is visible at http://example.timebank.org then your TimeBank Code Name is example. Members of your TimeBank can reach all coordinators (depending on their email settings) at:


When a member is promoted or demoted as a coordinator, the effect on the email list takes effect within 1 minute of the change occurring.

Email Subject Brand

In order to explicitly identify email originating from the TimeBank, all email subjects sent by Community Weaver contain a prefix which make them easily identifiable as originating from. By default, it is the TimeBank Name of your TimeBank, with brackets around it. For example:

   Subject: [Springfield TimeBank] Member updates

You can customize this to a shorter or more identifiable name by editing this value. You should select a shorter name which is similar enough to your TimeBank Name so that there is no confusion when received by members.

Member Update Emails?

To send members update emails with recent changes to the site (based on their preferred frequency), check the box; otherwise uncheck the box.

Send hour of day

Community Weaver has the ability to send updates to your members when various events occur on the site. For example, whenever a member posts a new ad, or new pages or news is written, members can be notified of the new information.

Members have the ability to specify ... TODO

Email Fields

Within any email sent by Community Weaver, you can specify special "fields" which are replaced for each email sent.

For example, you can TODO

Customizing TimeBank Emails

The remaining tabs in the emails configuration page allow you to add custom content to emails which are sent by Community Weaver. To learn more about how to customize your emails, and how to use variables substitution to personalize emails, learn more in TimeBank Email Customization.

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