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Admin Coordinators (only) can change the default design configuration for your timebank. In the menu bar go to GEAR Icon/Configure/Design


In the "Font" drop down box choose a font to be used for your entire site. A sample of this font will be shown in the "Font Sample Text" box.

Hover the mouse to the right of the "Site Logo" and you will be offered the possibilities of

  • dragging and dropping an image into that box or, alternatively,
  • you can click in the box and browse through your computer files to upload an image file.

The site logo appears on the right side of the page above the sidebar. It is also used in notification email sent to members.

Site Colors

  • Click on the color bar and move the circles to choose the hue and intensity of the color, or
  • Enter a hexadecimal number for the desired color.
  • Click on "Default Color" to return to the default color configuration.

TIP: If you save the hexadecimal number in a text file outside of CW, you will have the number available for use (copy and paste) if needed in the future. This can also be useful when experimenting with your design colors.

The color design fields that can be configured are the:

  • Primary Site Color which is used for:
    • headers for blocks of information
    • fonts for links (member's names, message, email, etc.) in lists of member's
    • fonts for links (service ad descriptions, member, etc.) in lists of service ads (offers and requests)
    • fonts for links (member's names, exchange description, etc.) in lists of exchanges
    • fonts for list heading texts
    • fonts for text in the status bar
    • fonts for "Showing ..." and "Items per page" in lists (members, offers, requests, exchanges
    • fonts for important notes or messages to members
    • borders for blocks of information
    • borders for action confirmation messages
    • borders for chosen element in lists of members, offers, requests, exchanges, etc.
  • Secondary Site Color which is used for the:
    • background colors for the menu bar
    • background colors for the title and filters section for lists (but not the Timebankers' Talents view)
    • background colors for Tooltips
    • background colors for some action buttons
    • borders for "Save" and other action buttons
  • Main Text Color (font color)
    • used for the text not otherwise given another color in the design section
  • Main Background Color
    • used for the background of the main part of the pages, the action notes, the status bar, etc.
  • Toolbar Background Color
    • used for the background of the menu bar at the top of the page
  • Toolbar Text Color
    • used for the font in the menu bar at the top of the page
  • Side Navigation Text Color
    • used for the font in the sidebar on the right of the page
  • Side Navigation Background Color
    • used for the background of the sidebar on the right of the page

TIP: If the densities of the color are too light, it may be difficult to read for people with vision issues. If you choose color schemes that provide a low contrast between various parts of your site it might be difficult to read. This can be a important issue for some elderly people or people with vision challenges.

Relative Color Densities

These relative color densities cannot be configured by timebank coordinators.

The color of the header for blocks on the home page is based upon the "Primary Site Color". It uses various densities for different purposes as follows:.

  • Visible to everyone (anyone on the Internet) uses the primary site color.
  • Visible to members uses the primary site color, "lightened" by 20%.
  • Visible to coordinators uses the primary site color, "lightened" by 40%.

The list heading colors are based upon the "Primary Site Color" and the "Main Text Color" as follows:

  • list heading font color is 50% lighter than the Main Text Color.
  • list heading background color is 60% lighter than the Primary Site Color.

TIP: If you choose a "Primary Site Color" with a light density, when the relative density is automatically created, the density of the headers visible to members and visible to coordinators might become so light that only white is visible to members. To avoid this choose more dense colors for your site.

Colors - not configurable

  • ORANGE is used as a background color for warning messages.
  • ORANGE is used for the font of Admin Coordinators' names shown in the coordinators list.
  • RED is used as the information block header color and as the background color for an open and visible alert box.
  • RED is also used as a background color for the number of unread messages on the message icon in the menu bar.
  • YELLOW is used for informational pop up notes.
  • BLUE is used as the border for an activated search field.
  • Relative color densities cannot be configured by timebank coordinators.